Run a Licensed Iron GM Event – FREE

You’ve got great game.
Iron GM® can pull in even more players.

Iron GM is the nationally touring tournament that turns adventure-making into a competitive sport, puts valuable swag from top publishers in the hands of every player, and rewards GMing talent with phenomenal prize packages. Now you can play it at your location, using any game system, as often as you like. Free.

How Does it Work?

GMs are randomly assigned to a table of players. Inspired by three Secret Story Elements unveiled at the event, GMs create an adventure then run it for players who, in turn, judge them on their performance. After the adventure, players rate GMs on special scorecards using tournament-tested criteria. You tally the results in minutes, using a time-saving scorecard we provide, and announce the winners.

We’re Serious About Your Fun

At Iron GM, we’re serious about growing the tabletop hobby, from the grass roots up. So we’ve written this guide and crafted a license that allows you to play our event. To benefit you we’ve thrown in everything we’ve learned from years on the tournament circuit, added every bit of effective advice we know for drawing gamers in to play, and created free marketing material for you to print out. We’ve seen these factors work together to really raise profiles and drive attendance.

Drop us a Line and Hold Onto your Seat
We invite you to drop us a line and let us know you’re an interested retailer. We’ll put you onto the wait list for our Local Event Guide. Once it leaves layout, we’ll send all our wait-listed retailers a link to download a free copy, first.

The Guide contains everything you need to pick a good night and try Iron GM on for size. It’s easy, fun and free. We know your going to love it – and its just around the corner!

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