Iron GM Podcast – Episode 1

Special Guests

Christopher Perkins works for Wizards of the Coast. As Senior Producer for Dungeons & Dragons, he oversees the creation of all D&D RPG products. He has two weekly 4th Edition D&D games, and DMs in a series of podcasts featuring ‘Tycho’ and ‘Gabe’ of Penny Arcade, Scott Kurtz of PvP, and Wil Wheaton.”

Steve Helt aka Ancient Sensei is the reigning Iron GM having taken back the crown at our 2010 competition. We say take the crown back because like the fathomlessly talented Iron GM Dreads (Nate Collins), Steve has actually won the title twice now; once in 2007 and again in 2010. Rone went to speak with him at his dojo in the heart of a volcano where he trains armored gorillas to slap fight roided out grizzlies.

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