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How ’bout we start with a few hundred thousand gamers?

Conventions As an Iron GM sponsor, we promote your product and your company where gamers play. Currently Iron GM tours a convention circuit serving over 70,000 dedicated attendees, non-turnstile. The Iron GM event promotes you and your products at every convention we attend — and our numbers are growing fast!

Podcasts We promote both our events and our sponsors on popular gaming podcasts, including the  Gold ENnie winning Atomic Array, RPG Countdown an the Iron GM Podcast. The Iron GM Podcast is climbing the charts and features RPG luminaries such as Monte Cook, Bruce Cordell and Chris Perkins discussing the art of game mastery.

Bloggers Our friends-of-the-show blogger network regularly reaches over 100,000 gamers and includes such beloved sites as io9, Wired, EN World, Gnome Stew, and Robot Viking. When they cover us, they cover you.

It Doesn’t End with the Event Through our social media channels, Iron GM stays in touch with the roleplaying public. Platforms like Facebook and Youtube allow us to tag photos and videos taken at the show — including your company’s sponsorship banners and products.

Seasonal Sponsors
Seasonal sponsors receive special placement in all our promotional material, honorable mention and top billing at our shows. Past and present seasonal sponsors include:

  • Frog God Games
  • Gaming Paper
  • Kobold Quarterly/Open Design
  • Paizo Publishing

If you’re interested in becoming a seasonal sponsor, just drop us a line. We’d love to talk to you!

Prize Sponsors
At every convention we give your products to energized and excited gamers as prizes. They try them, love them and tell their friends. Past and present prize support sponsors include:

  • 0one Games
  • 4 Winds Fantasy Gaming
  • Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Arc Dream Publishing
  • Conflict Books
  • Crafty Games
  • Cubicle 7 Entertainment
  • Dungeon a Day
  • Evil Hat Productions
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Gaming Paper
  • Game Salute
  • Gold
  • Hero Games
  • J!nx
  • John Wick Presents
  • Kallisti Press
  • Margaret Weis Productions
  • Mindgene
  • Offworld Designs
  • Open Design
  • Paizo Publishing
  • Parsley Games
  • Pelgrane Press
  • Postmortem Studios
  • Rite Publishing
  • Savage Mojo
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Super Genius Games
  • White Wolf

If you’d like to provide prize support to Iron GM tournaments, drop us a line. We’d love talk to you about sponsoring Iron GM!

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